Are You Ready to Develop Your Self-Leadership Capacity?

Change is never easy. And in response, a new kind of leadership is emerging. 

When working together with diverse others, and especially when relationships and group dynamics get intense and challenging, leadership is in the first place a movement that comes from the inside out.

Hey, I'm Thomas van der Molen. 

Poet, Leadership Coach, Sustainability Consultant

In my experience, you yourself are the most powerful tool to facilitate systemic change. Because whatever way you look at it: every act of leadership starts with the self.

That's why I help (future) leaders develop the Systemic Self-Leadership Skills to smoothly navigate complex sustainability challenges, and personal, relational and organizational change processes.

Systemic Leadership Coaching

Everything starts with intention. And from there energy flows where attention goes.

If you want to successfully contribute to the change you envision on whatever level of whatever system you’re part of, it means that you have to be willing and able to continuously adapt and transform your own individual ways of thinking (head), feeling (heart), and acting (hands) to be in alignment with your intention.


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