All absolutely amazing peoples – We are

We are all absolutely amazing peoples
We are loving, caring, open
Our arms, embody, mind, heart and soul
All, absolutely amazingly beautiful

With each layer of getting to know better and better
The universal stories that we all carry, with us
A larger part is able to resonate so clearly

I see, this thing about meaningful conversations
Actually happening, engaging in very powerful love
Expressed throughout, within
From – self surrender to what needs
To what needs to happen in this larger picture we live
With all of us breathing life on this planet
How great it would be
To share with all of us
With every one
This abundance of community
Reaching out roots and branches
To include our previous homes

Everyone has pain and suffered
Within the existential
Everyone knows about these things
Without even having to know more
Holding each other through all hours, of
Days and nights whenever
Whenever we feel sore

We are so intimate already
That it almost goes without saying

Everyone has a personal story
Everyone may worry, which
Some carry and release – through
Sharing words and feelings, and
Experiences of time spend – just being together
All one
We actually live this relativity of time
Since we are
Only a few weeks in
These changing situations of
Both context and content, full of truth
Some secrets, some – may be chosen to share
But really, really always only completely voluntarily

We are here for each other, maybe
Possible even more than for ourselves
We are to let light be, to shine
Expressing our voices stemming from loving hearts
Allowing space for the struggles we have – and have lived
At times, and time again
To build an abundant future, within which
All poverty, all impoverishment may be, no
Will be turned around, filled, opened
And healed

As there are similarities in every story, there is
Truthfulness in every worry

Courageous acts of empathy overflowing our vessels
We may – flow different rivers
Yet here we are to come together
For, to be together now and never
Want to leave this safe space
Never want to change our actual place
Where and ever we are with full consent
Is where to learning just happens, on
Different layers simultaneously

We are all absolutely amazingly beautiful peoples
Building upon and around the existing
Seeing that we may not have to understand, in order to understand
We do not have to be any elsewhere to belong, when
Falling in love feels like singing an a capella song

Opening, allowing all capacities to grab hold of
The immensely huge importance
To stay grounded, connected
Feeling high from playing, swimming
And, simply being amazed every step of the path

We walk upon trust
Trusting that there is a bridge
Strong enough, long enough, wide enough
Able to hold us all, and more
Without the need
Of seeing it readily in front of us

Trusting now that the harbor is here

The road is still young
The first taken steps are strong, and
Our being together at least another many months long

Weaving our strings
Internally, externally, internally, externally
And so – forth forwards we move in motion
Being allowed an open door to
Gentle walk through
Distinguishing semantics of terms, thoughts
words, feelings and emotions

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Thomas van der Molen

Systemic Self-Leadership Coach, Change Facilitator, Poet

In my experience, our ability to deal with complex challenges, create positive change in any area of life, and contribute to a sustainable impact in the world around us, requires an authentic kind of self-leadership that starts with getting clear where you’ve been, where you are now, what really matters to you, where you really want to go or get, and especially how you will be and grow as a person along the way.

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