Arrival of Leaves

Enjoying the arrival of leaves branching in, to
An arrival to the tree of life we are, gentle offering
A space of here and now, knowing
Acknowledging that this is where we’ll be, for now
For the coming time, at heart, with soul
Working together, to gather
For the coming times ahead
For the future to expand, to be found
Retrieving what seems lost, lost for words
We will, create, make manifest
Take action to reverb and phrase
the coming times
The emerging phase
Of vision
With mission
Our arrival of leaves, not
To be swept onto one big pile, rather
To be spread out over all the globe
To be carried through waters, across lands
And permeate everything in between
All the spaces once seen, perceived
As empty, impossible, or simply
Too difficult to enter
To be us, and
Take up our proper space
Follow up with proper pace, in peace
The love, the wisdom of healing together

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Thomas van der Molen

Systemic Self-Leadership Coach, Change Facilitator, Poet

In my experience, our ability to deal with complex challenges, create positive change in any area of life, and contribute to a sustainable impact in the world around us, requires an authentic kind of self-leadership that starts with getting clear where you’ve been, where you are now, what really matters to you, where you really want to go or get, and especially how you will be and grow as a person along the way.

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