We can not Oversee Oversea

Written after co-facilitating a workshop session on sustainability during an expert conference of the Dutch Governmental Agency: Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries.


We can not oversee

What happens oversea


We can not know

What it is like – to be

One of the last one’s in the row


We, at least, me

Those born in privilege

Can only begin

To imagine


To breathe fumes

To swallow dirt

To wander in waste


Only imagine

And realize

Most of us

Would run away in haste


Most of us

Would like, for

Things to be different


Life to be better


More resilient

More adaptive

More stable

More healthy


In Earth


We cannot oversee

What happens oversea


We cannot know

What it is like – to be

One of the last once in the row


Way more than

Half of us

Lives well below

The bottom line


And contrary to what

Some of us may think

This – is – not – fine


This can not continue


This is what we all

Contribute to and do

Cannot continue


This is not what

Life is meant for


This – in essence

Just isn’t true

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Thank you!


Thomas van der Molen

Systemic Self-Leadership Coach, Change Facilitator, Poet

In my experience, our ability to deal with complex challenges, create positive change in any area of life, and contribute to a sustainable impact in the world around us, requires an authentic kind of self-leadership that starts with getting clear where you’ve been, where you are now, what really matters to you, where you really want to go or get, and especially how you will be and grow as a person along the way.