our Children
are Not ours
they are not Us


Our children
are born Through us
for better And worse
our Children
Are unique
in every Sense
Our children
are Novelty
Being reborn
Every first step, first word
Every first experience and expression
In every child
there is its Soul
still Present in the whole
Come years, come Time
Come time come Space
hard matter, soft Feeling
our Children
Teach thoroughly
Trough Learning
Our children
carry Light
In each Eye
our Children


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Thomas van der Molen

Systemic Self-Leadership Coach, Change Facilitator, Poet

In my experience, our ability to deal with complex challenges, create positive change in any area of life, and contribute to a sustainable impact in the world around us, requires an authentic kind of self-leadership that starts with getting clear where you’ve been, where you are now, what really matters to you, where you really want to go or get, and especially how you will be and grow as a person along the way.

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