You In Me and Me In You

Harvested from MSLS circle conversation after watching "This changes everything" from Naomi Klein.

This is our home
This is our life
We are in our home
What is in us
Is alive

There is work to do
So much awareness
To raise
So many images
Of burdened hearts
To clean, to heal

How to fight hate
With love, from love
That holds truly
The capacity for change

How to hold on
To that place of anger
And transform its power
Into a field
You in me and me in you

We need radical action
We need to actually do
Create systemic change
Equipped to realize
Willing to get hurt
Or at least
Run the risk
Let tears roll
Suffer growing pains
Figure out why
For myself
And than
Maybe for others

The earth is pregnant
With the new world
Wanting to be born
To be cared for
To explore
To get to know
To experience
In a way
That goes
As is

We are part of the food chain
Don’t run, don’t panic
Or something may chase you
Cross the lines
Into reintegration
With our forgotten lands

Within receiving
As we give

Within if I trust you
Trust will resonate
Trust, that
If I don’t hurt you
You don’t hurt me

Have the courage to love
Close to yourself
With support
From the earth

Pay attention
To what May change
Step by step
We are all good

We are all living with duality
It’s just strange
We’ve known all along
Torn between two realities

Being born
A painful process
For the mother

It’s good to be here
To start making it different
To be fueled and capacitated
To get back at it
To stand our ground
To tell a different story
As it has to be told
Or else
The story, our story

Added to the network
Of knowledge
And understanding
To take someone else’s place

The distance to the top
Is not so high anymore

We can have an impact
We can not, never, ever
Be beaten down forever

They believe they’re doing
The right thing
We know, feel and vibrate
That we are
The things
Most just

The valuable old
With the sustainable new
From both sides

While unknown
Where we’re going
The boundaries are clear
The constraint to be
Discovered and adventured
To find freedom
The space
In which we hold
The world in our hands

Reach more people
At a larger scale

What is alive in you
Makes you want to live

That makes you want to live
Receive abundantly, and
Generously give

Don’t let her
Give birth alone
Under a tree

You are
To be

Thank you!


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Thomas van der Molen

Systemic Self-Leadership Coach, Change Facilitator, Poet

In my experience, our ability to deal with complex challenges, create positive change in any area of life, and contribute to a sustainable impact in the world around us, requires an authentic kind of self-leadership that starts with getting clear where you’ve been, where you are now, what really matters to you, where you really want to go or get, and especially how you will be and grow as a person along the way.

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